Monday, January 23, 2012

Word - Persist

The representational word for me in 2012 is persist.

Its verb meaning: continue in a state or action in spite of obstacles or objections.

I found it very difficult to describe what 2012 is going to mean to me, in terms of one word. I knew I wanted to do challenge myself with learning and doing more mixed media. I knew I wanted to open up an Etsy shop to sell my collaged paintings (the banner is finished and you will love the look). I also know that I want to do several online e-courses this year in design, finding your style and discovering creativity. All of these are new areas for me but in order to keep constructing my business and watching it grow, I feel these are necessary moves into the future. It does seem quite scary but I'm willing to step out of my boundaries and test the water in the spirit of persisting.

So what does this image of a bucking cowboy have to do with me? Do you know the belief, strength and endurance he has to have to stay on? I do because as I head into the 17th year as an artist, I am full of new ideas, new challenges but most of all the persistent attitude to hold on and meet each day with the permission to succeed.

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