Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aged Patina

Some Thesaurus words for "learn" - apprentice, attain, determine, gain, grasp, imbibe, master, study.

I love to learn and am starting to appreciate the value of antiques (Mary, do not fall over :D). Now, I don't want to put them in my house but I want to repurpose them into my art and give them a new life. The vintage qualities are very special and the more aged, the better. I like to see the stains, the discolorations and the well worn patina from love in another decade. These were all found at Old Green Shutters and will be setting on my shelf in my studio until I can find a use for them as art. Do any ideas come to mind, any creative suggestions? All input welcome!


  1. I love the finial. I collect vintage sewing notions, I think I need to use them instead of stashing them away.

  2. Be careful - I have a roomful of items like this waiting to be upcycled! I see a doll being made out of the piece laying on its side - the little knob on top the head, the middle knob the chest area and then you would add on a skirt to the bottom piece!