Monday, January 16, 2012

Word - Learn

The word for this week is learn.

Its verb meaning: to gain knowledge, understanding, or skill by study or experience; to find out.

I love to learn and always have. It came easy to me in school and I attained good grades but mostly I wasn't challenged and that really stunk. I like it when I'm pushed into uncomfortable thinking, thinking outside the box and usually thrive in competitions with myself to just do better. This year is a new journey for me, one I persist on doing well without limitations. I've just embarked on a 10 week journey called "hello soul, hello business" with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls. My goal for this class is to reach deep and really find out what is next for my artistic side. I always want answers with a nice game plan but have been found wanting for the last couple of years so I'm willing to head into this course without preconceived notions because that would be defeating the purpose of looking inward to what truly matters most. Yes, I am a creative but that is all I seem to know at this moment and I'm trying very hard to just sit and listen to what else there is. The journey began today and I will keep you posted on the discoveries but for today, it is all about "why".

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