Friday, July 23, 2010

Venus in Reverse

I had to share this one too because it is the view of Venus from the house and my favorite. The gentle curves and the wonderful view of her back are something to marvel at for sure. No wonder Alexandros of Antioch found her so compelling and wanted to share her with the world.
So, how does your artwork compare? Is it something that is time worthy and will be around and appreciated for the next 100 years or so? I hope you answered yes. It may not be found in the Louvre but if family and friends are enjoying it, you have made it! We all want something different from our art and I hope you discover what that is. I need to be creative first and foremost - whether I'm rendering, writing, photographing, reading, thinking - it's all important to me and my artwork. It helps me grow and flourish, always looking for the next step to be taken. I hope you find inspiration all around you!

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