Saturday, July 24, 2010

Modest Venus

Modestly covered by queen anne's lace Venus looks quite content in her surroundings. Isn't it amazing how different the mood is when you focus on the face instead of the whole image? I love the weathered streaks and appreciate what time has done to the cement. I remember when we first put the statues in the garden, they stuck out like a bright sore thumb. They are still there but only command your attention if you look closely and that is what I was going for. It is a lot like my art, look at a distance and you see one thing, look up close and you get a lot of details. I just love that part and try to entice the viewer to a closer look with each and every piece, any medium even. Although I'm fairly new to quilting, I find myself looking for the unusual to get a reaction (remember my ruled leaves), unconventional but it really reflects what I like my art to be - interesting. I hope you are bringing that, the individuality of you, to your pieces no matter what medium you are expressing in!

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