Monday, January 13, 2014

Word - Haze

The word for the week is haze.

Its noun meaning - fine dust, smoke or light vapor causing lack of transparency in the air; vagueness of mind or perception.

Its verb meaning - to harass by abusive and humiliating tricks usually by way of initiation.

I took this photo in the late fall while leaves were burning and wanted to catch the smoke rising and swirling in the air. The effect of the smoke close to the ground was just what I was hoping for. I chose this word because I spent the later part of 2013 in a bit of a haze. Wanting to move ahead into a new direction but I was met with a lot of resistance within myself. Deadlines and responsibilities kept me going but in a lackluster way, just doing art to get art done. I am resolving to let my art life exist out of the haze, in true light and with a path that is undefined, risky almost. I am ready!. The haze is lifting and I want to explore 2014 in all it offers up with a new found freedom of simply starting each and every day. That isn't too much to ask, right? So, I am asking you, my readers, is haze a part of your life at the moment? If so, how can you push it aside and live in full light? I know you have the answer, just look past the smoke!

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  1. Love this photo and a great reference for smoke.
    Sharon Estes sends some blog love <3