Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dreaming BIG in 2014!

2014 is here and I am going to dream BIG this year in many ways. I have chosen "freedom" as my word representation and couldn't be more excited! I want to play in the studio more and worry less about perfect art. I want to just enjoy the moment of today instead of always worrying about what is next on the list. I want to take more photographs, I missed being with nature capturing a delicate moment or two. I will read more, it enriches my soul and sends me to faraway places. I want to grow and expand this year heading into new markets and not letting resistance stand in my way. I want to reach beyond what I think I am capable and embrace any possibility that arises. And this year, I want to visit the place I have been dreaming of since I was in 8th grade, the magical world of Paris. As you can see, dreaming BIG in 2014 is exactly what I am doing. How are your dreams shaping up for the New Year?


  1. Kelly it sounds like you have open a whole new world you are going to experience. I love the word Freedom, and what it means, and when you go to Paris, my dream also, can I hide in your luggage. Hope all your dreams come true you deserve them.
    Sharon Estes

  2. Can't wait to see what you do this year Kelly! I see you definitely have Paris on the brain :-)
    Deb E