Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Some Thesaurus words for "haze" are: brume, cloud, dimness, film, fog, fumes, haziness, indistinctness, miasma, mist, muck, obscurity, smog, smokiness, smother, steam, vapor.

Don't you just love the word muck? For me, this is the most powerful because that's exactly how I have felt - stuck in the muck. Trying to find an inspirational photo that showed persistence, growth and the willingness to push forward was quite a feat but I think this one fit all the meanings extremely well. When you look past the haziness of the lambs ear you see the uprising of a stem pushing through. It is unwilling to just lay there and not grow and explore as it was meant to. I really love nature for this reason and find much of my creativity surrounded by its everyday beauty. So, what are you pushing through today? Fight for it, it will be worth its weight, I promise!

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