Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mood Board Thursdays

I have been wanting to do a weekly inspiration/mood board to share what I love, collect and find excitement in with all of you. I also did it to post my own photos on Pinterest and keep my creativity stirred as well. This grouping was all about texture. I started with the background rattan, the natural ribbon and the cabbage flower. The rest came together easily because I wanted it to be about nature and the things I collect. The butterfly box is actually matches but of course I bought it for the graphic. How could I resist after all? It is a butterfly. I had to group the leaves to the right because I wanted to add a bit of color and shininess there. The square piece is fabric that I bought for its color but also the movement of the pattern. Designing it was so much fun and I can't wait to share 52 weeks with you!

Feel free to post to your own Pinterest boards, I would love it if you did! You can come visit me there at, happy pinning!


  1. Kelly sending you some love this Thursday. I enjoy your blog Words of Art, I am learning about layout style which is my weak point.
    Sharon Estes

  2. Hi Kelly!! Posting here as I didn't know where else to post. I have finally gotten to week 24 on LifeBook2013 & I just have so say WOW!!!!! I was already excited to get started having seen some of the other students' work. But when I watched how you did this - WOW!! Can you tell I like it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Marcie Aspras