Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring, Finally

Some Thesaurus words for "finally" - after all, already, at last, belatedly, despite delay, eventually, lastly, someday, sometime, sooner or later, subsequently, tardily, ultimately, yet.

Those words are exactly what I was looking for in the meaning of finally. It is a waiting game and one I'm not sure how to do, patience is not a virtue I use readily or daily. But the gentle disturbance of the thawing ground in the garden always means something wonderful is coming our way. I have looked and waited and looked some more, expecting the little bursts of color and was not disappointed after all. They are here in mass and I love their shocking bursts of color amongst the dreary winter grey surrounding them in the landscape. Spring is on its way, it is a sure sign that winter has finally passed. Thank you for a dreamland of winter whites and magical memories but I am really looking forward to the upcoming bursts of new, fresh and vibrant color. Hello Spring!

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