Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lichen, really?

Some thesaurus words for "texture" - arrangement, balance, being, character, coarseness, composition, consistency, disposition, essence, feeling, fiber, form, framework, grain, intermixture, make, nature, organization, pattern, quality, roughness, scheme, sense, smoothness, structure, surface, taste, touch, warp, weave, web.

I love all of the words because of their tactile nature. When I stumbled across these logs in our woods, I thought there were little white butterflies adorning the circle. Upon closer inspection, it is actually a thin white lichen that curls this way and that giving it remarkable character. I just love the look of it and spent about 30 minutes taking pictures of it on all the tree limbs laying on or near the ground. It must love our wooded area and get just the right amount of sunlight because we have these little butterfly jewels scattered throughout. Just makes me happy imagining them as a cluster of wings just waiting for the muse and the moonlight!

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