Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Italy in Texas?

The atmosphere at Luca & Leonardo's in The Woodlands Texas hits you the moment you walked through the large doors. You were greeted by a pair of hidden statues and well, I feel in love instantly and couldn't wait to see what the menu offered. The rich aroma, the soft romantic lighting and general appearance of the staff all screamed italy and I wanted a taste. While perusing the menu a wine list and complimentary rosemary bread was placed on the table. The smell of that freshed baked bread, heavenly. Imagine the aroma of steaming hot rosemary married together with yeast and you are there. It was served with tomatoes, roasted garlic and butter - heaven already. I ordered the penne arrabiata and let me tell you, it was fantastic. A bit of spice in the sauce, grilled chicken dipped into the goodness surrounded by penne pasta - what's not to love, right? I will be dreaming of this for a while because it thrilled and captivated all of my senses...

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