Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Word - Lush

The word for this week is lush.

Its adjective meaning - having or covered with abundant growth.

I am truly taken aback by the richness of our landscape this year. Because of the calm winter, our plants are unusually big, abundant and the weeds, well, they are just as exuberant. The deep, fertile greenery surrounds this wonderful Venus de Milo giving her a certain air of dignity and grace. She is my favorite of the statues we have throughout the landscape and the fact that the patina looks so great, just makes my creative side jump for joy. It is what I had always imagined and to see a dream reaching reality just makes my heart sing! It is life's little happenings that we really and truly treasure the most, isn't it? What brought you to fulfilled happiness this week? I hope it was an amazing adventure of the everyday!

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