Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Word - Contemplation

The word for this week is contemplation.

Its verb meaning - to view or consider with continued attention; intend.

This is a statue of a boy and girl but my focus was on the coy, bashful girl contemplating the weight of the world or maybe just giving those wonderful spring phlox all her attention. Either way, it made me wonder what she was thinking with her hand up under her chin giving something a bit of serious thought. When was the last time you were so lost in thought that the world around you just happened to disappear for the briefest of seconds? Me, almost everyday. I am an artist after all and it is my job to give even the slightest inkling a second or two. You just never know when the next best idea will come out and find you! I do hope you take the time to daydream about something wonderful if even for a split second or two. Enjoy the serendipitous moment!

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