Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Field of Poppies

The flaming orange caught my eye. You couldn't help it really, it was almost ablaze with the sun catching the vibrancy just right. I drove around the block just to see it again wishing I had my camera with me. Why is it I never have it when I need it? So I noted the time and went back the next day and guess what, they were just as beautiful as I had thought they were. There was a huge patch of these luscious poppies just wanting their turn to be photographed. I loved the way the sun caught each petal and made it illuminating. This shot I fell in love with. Not only because they are all facing the same way. Nope, it's the proportion of that tiny little stem holding up these voluminous blossoms. Did you see them? Were you thinking the same thing? I love natural surprises and this for sure is one to remember!

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