Monday, June 4, 2012


I wanted to share my latest Colored Pencil of the Month Club project with you entitled "Stacked!" I love white clematis and we only have one that took so it is really special to me. Not only are the blooms fantastic but they are as large as a small dinner plate. This one grows next to a tree and I actually have to stand on my tiptoes to view its bright treasures. I wish I could take credit for the composition but well, it actually was growing like that so I took advantage of Mother Nature's design skills and added a few of my little artistic touches to make it into an art piece. It was a lot of fun to render will all the white and off white values tinted with blue and green. But my favorite has to be that it is framed with deep, dark loveliness giving all the dimension needed to show off those wonderful blossoms. I hope you check them out, you won't be disappointed!

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