Monday, April 30, 2012

Word - Water

The word of the week is water.

Its noun meaning - the liquid that descends as rain and forms rivers, lakes, and seas; a natural mineral water; the water occupying or flowing in a particular bed; any of various liquids containing or resembling water; a watery fluid form or circulating in a living organism; a specified degree of thoroughness or completeness.

It has been dreary and rainy here all day. I was inspired by the wonderful drops of water collecting on all the garden greenery so decided to share the wonderment with you. I love how the drops magnify the pattern of the leaves that you probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise. This would make a great study of green and water drops since most of them contain very little color, just a brightness to mimic the light of the day. I could get lost in this photo with all the medium values connected with dark spaces and circles of life - love that!

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