Friday, April 27, 2012

Palette - Nest

I wanted to share my springtime palette with you and couldn't wait to show you these wonderful robin's eggs surrounded by crab apple blossoms. Could the photo be a better representation of the fresh, vibrant early season? I'm really not thinking so. Although the nest is quite dark, that happens when you are holding the camera above your head really hoping that you get a shot at all, I love it's position in the composition. Can you believe the palette I pulled from this photo? What can you imagine with that as your guide? I can only see new growth, tiny buds, perfumed scents and natures miracles. What a great way to live!


  1. Beautiful! What a treat to capture those pretty little eggs in your photo!

  2. So precious! And I absolutely love your palette - the same colors of beads are on my workbench right now! Birds and nests appeal to me so much (and crab apples). I think it is an empty-nester thing. Your nest is full, and it makes my heart sing! Thanks for sharing!