Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dangling Wonders

Some Thesaurus words for "powerful" - able, almighty, capable, commanding, compelling, convincing, dynamic, efficacious, forceful, impressive, paramount, potent, prevailing, robust, sturdy, supreme, telling, vigorous.

Did you ever really study these little bleeding heart flowers? I mean, really look at their charm, color and gracefulness. I find them so impressive that I can't stand it. The way they move in unison with the most gentle of breezes. The thin stem that supports their huge translucent pink hearts and let's not even talk about the way the pink flaps flip upward to expose the white center stamen. Did you happen to notice the white heart on the stamen? Oh yeah, the gifts just keep coming! Small, mighty and a commanding must for any garden. What are you waiting for? Go purchase these little dynamos today :D

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