Thursday, March 15, 2012

Word - Delicate

The word for this week is delicate.

Its adjective meaning - pleasing to the senses of taste or smell; marked by daintiness or charm; exquisite; fastidious; easily damaged; fragile; requiring skill or tact; marked by minute precision; very sensitive.

Today was a gorgeous day in the Midwest with temperatures in the high 70's in March nonetheless. I couldn't be happier so I grabbed the puppies and my camera and went exploring in the garden. Seed pods fascinate me beyond belief and I am thrilled when I see a new one I haven't taken a picture of before. As I came around the corner of the house heading for the front yard, what did I see but a cluster of tomato red brightness dangling in the sky. Not only was it unexpected in this dreary grey season but the light, oh my, the light was just dazzling. I loved the way the blue sky gave the berries all the support they could possibly need to show off their glorious, transparent yet withered fruit. I hope you are out searching your yard for accidental inspirations and when you find one, you smile from ear to ear knowing you discovered a treasure.

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