Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cryptic Color

I was so delighted to see the beginning of our daffodils opening. I always look forward to their sunny centers letting me know that the spring season is on its way. The ruffled center that pushes its way outward from the creamy white petals makes me wonder what Mother Nature was thinking when she created these beauties. So delicate and almost mysterious in their form that I find them one of the most challenging flowers to render. I can draw them quite well but the colors are just mystifying, almost unobtainable. Do you see the many shades of blues, greens and yellows in the white petals? How about the bright orange and deep green almost going into a violet for the centers? Are you understanding my perplexities now? Such simple elegance that sends my muse running for the hills wanting no part of the puzzle that lays ahead on my color palette. Now where did she go...


  1. How about the almost translucent effect of the white petals as well?! You can see the shadow of the leafless branch beside the daffies thru the petal. Now if you painted that in... would it look as natural? Argh! Thanks for the garden pictures. Mine still looks barren apart from a few clumps of perennial greens. No crocuses, no daffies yet :-(. But your gardens and the pics of the incredible azaleas in Shirley Koenig's gardens are so welcome. I've become a stalker on FB just to see these glimpses, lol.

  2. Your eye and ability to detect color and detail never ceases to amaze me! This weather is amazing - aren't we a little early for these beauties to be showing their faces - I'm not complaining, though!