Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Introduction

While at the Claude Monet exhibit it also featured a few artists and friends of his and their art was just as moving as his own. After the exhibit I wrote this in my notebook about Eugene Louis Boudin and his artwork Fashionable Figures on the Beach. "I was introduced to a wonderful artist today. The low composition and detail figures talked to my heart and soul. Will my art touch others like that? Can it? Will I let it?" It brought me to tears and today it still moves me in a way no other artist really has. To be so different and unique and able to tell a story yet fill a viewers heart with beauty beyond belief, that is what I want my art to be. He has lifted my artistic spirit to strive for new uncharted territories in my art and given me the challenge to really dig deep for the inspiration and the soul of my artful journey. Thank you Eugene for sharing your art with the world!

PHOTO SOURCE http://www.artfinder.com/work/fashionable-figures-on-the-beach-eugene-louis-boudin/

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