Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Whispers

While in Las Vegas this past week I had a rare opportunity to visit an art exhibition featuring Claude Monet. The soft palette and interesting impasto strokes made me feel all dreamy and not yet awake while walking the small rooms viewing this impressionistic artwork. Visions of pale peach, mellow yellow, soft lavender and mint julep greens filled my head with calm and gentleness that I really can't explain but will try. Envision waking up while the sky is just turning a soft hue of pink on the horizon, dew still on the ground from the cool evening and the promise of a glorious sunny day hangs in the air. Yes, that is the feeling I experienced while admiring his work. I am amazed that I found this photo of a simple haystack so enjoyable and moving at the same time. When you are transformed into the art for even the briefest of time, I feel the artist has done their job letting you see the subject through their eyes. Just simply breathtaking and it is a day I will remember for a long, long time to come.


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