Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Word - Muse

The word for this week is muse.

Its noun meaning: any of the nine sister goddesses of learning and the arts in Greek myth; a source of inspiration.

Its verb meaning: to become absorbed in thought.

Well, I have been chasing my muse for a while now and decided to look for her in the garden amongst the weeds. Ahh the view. All the beautifully rich reds giving them a wondrous texture of velvet. The golden yellows that look to be hand dipped by the sun. The delicate pinks making me want cotton candy and the joys of my childhood. Yes, the garden is a delicious place for inspiration and one I am very grateful to have. Where do you find your muse? Has she been misplaced like mine or did you just forget where to look? Isn't she everywhere really? Anywhere that gets you thinking beyond your everyday thoughts, daydreaming if even just for a second. Yes, I do get lost in the flowers but most of all I appreciate the chance to chase the muse wherever she may lead me. So, don't think, just go. Go! Grab your camera and see what discoveries await. She'll never mislead you, promise!

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