Sunday, June 26, 2011

Study of White

I love the yucca plant in all stages - just waking up from the winter, watching the center flower stalk appear, the first large white blooms and the fantastically shaped seed pods - there is no bad time for me. I thought this photo was a great study of white. Had I asked you to paint a white yucca flower, would you have included the wonderful hues you see here? I love the rich butter cream with the hints of green. Only in the brightest highlight is it really white. Would you have painted it that way? I'm not sure I would have but I know next time it will give me a lot to think about.


  1. What a good example using the yucca. I love painting white because of the many colors. My friend used to say " here we are painting a white flower again that isn't white." Ah....only to see it's it out. Great thoughts Kelly

  2. I love all of your flower pictures but this is definitely my favorite. Its absolutely gorgeous!! The colors and hues are wonderful! And I didn't realize that yucca plants bloomed, eseecially with blooms this beautiful. I had a yucca one time for years and it never bloomed and all it did was scratch me.