Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iris Intensity

Some Thesaurus words for "intensity" - acuteness, concentration, deepness, depth, emphasis, energy, excess, excitement, ferocity, fierceness, fire, force, magnitude, might, potency, power, sharpness, strength, tension, vigor.

I know, I'm showing off the irises in my yard but I can't help it. We have so many color variations that maybe it will inspire you to add some intrigue to your garden. This one has to be one of my favorites giving me definition for depth, power and ferocity from above. Not only because the top seems squished in size compared to the longer bottom petals but also the almost "not right" color. The top is a wonderful deep dark red violet, the bottom a black violet with the beard being almost and ultramarine blue violet. Doesn't it just capture your attention? The beard is so interesting in itself, I probably have dozens of photos of it. Mother Nature loved her crayons don't you think? I'm just glad she had the largest box available :)

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