Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a Do!

Some Thesaurus words for "muse" - be lost in thought, brood, cogitate, consider, contem-plate, feel, meditate, moon, mull over, percolate, ponder, puzzle over, reflect, revolve, ruminate, speculate, think, weigh.

The muse has me playing around the red haired monarda today amongst the butterflies and bumble bees. Not only is this a fantastic flower for the garden it is quite hilarious to look at. I love the way the top flower looks, like it just stuck its stem in an electrical socket and went for a shocking little ride wweeeee. The collar of various hues of red and green look more like that of a clown costume than the leaves of the blossom. And let's not forget that wonderfully loud lime green stem standing strong and tall among all these pranksters. Oh yes, she has been here, to lead me on a funny little journey and remind me to take it easy and enjoy the ride!

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