Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun & Games

I absolutely love, love, love games. I know it stems from those long summer days playing in the screened porch of our neighbors house with every one in the neighborhood joining in. Monopoly, Life or Sorry would last for days and we woke up each day eager to continue where we left off. Clue was one of my favorites but then again I do love solving puzzles and well, the game pieces were also quite clever. After all, who wouldn't want to be shot in the ballroom by Colonel Mustard - oh yes, my imagination was intrigued even as a child. These brought back many memories and I loved what Leslie Mullin did with the Pictionary game board, made a unique purse out of it. How could I have let that one go, right? I would have been kicking my own butt for days for that mistake :)  Hope this is getting your creativity going. If nothing else, making you want to clean out the kids room and send me some cool stuff LOL!

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