Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Bit of Creepy

I was hoping to find a bit of the weird and creepy while at the Junk Bonanza and I did, finally. I was wondering if there would be any art dolls made from antique tins and well, I found only one lady there and her booth was an absolute delight for me. I even had Charlie custom made for me while I shopped. He will have a special place in the studio and I can't wait to find a little hat for him as well. The photographs in the background were quite creepy but that is exactly why I loved them. I know Halloween will give me great opportunity to include these children into my artwork. The roller skate, well, I just couldn't help but be transported back into childhood wearing these little charmers. Had to buy it for the studio also :) As you can see by the past several days, the Junk Bonanza had something for everyone. I do hope if you have time to go to an antique fair close to you that you make the journey. You just never know what discoveries you may come up with. Happy junking!


  1. Love your finds! I especially like Charlie - what stories he will tell you!! And I have fond memories of attempting to skate on those metal wheels too. Maybe your sidewalks were smoother than mine but I don't seem to remember getting too far or fast on mine but the promise of swift passage when strapping on those wheels more than made up for the lack of speed. We have a wonderful antique/flea market in Mt. Dora that has a 3 day extravaganza several times a year with hundreds of vendors and I can't wait to go in November. Need to restock the junk larder!

  2. I really want to go next year - I love seeing all of your treasures! xo