Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cards, Games, Stamps Oh My

I love games and flash cards so imagine my surprise, not really, when I came home with quite a wide variety to include in my art. The bingo and lotto cards were paper or cardboard and ranged in the colors of blue, green or black print. Loved the orange stamps and bought all they had. Don't have a clue to what I will actually do with them but strictly bought them for their beautiful color. The library cards were an added bonus. I couldn't help myself and hope there are some great reads to inspire me to do art on them - just imagine, "the curiosity shoppe, edgar allen poe, to kill a mockingbird" oh I do hope I have some great ones! What is your favorite classic? I'll keep my eyes open for the card :)


  1. Great stash! I so would have bought the orange stamps too.

  2. You scored BIG TIME! Thanks for sharing it with me since I didn't get to go . . . xo