Monday, February 13, 2012

Word - First

The word for this week is first.

Its adjective meaning: preceding all others as in time, order or importance.

Its adverb meaning: before any other; for the first time; in preference to something else.

The crocus are the first flowers to appear after our winter season here in the Midwest and they are always something I look forward to. We have several colors such as deep violet, golden yellow, white, and striated. The bloom size also vary giving us different looks within a brief period of time. My favorite is when you see their luscious color popping through the wintry white snow making you stop and take notice immediately. We planted them right outside my studio window to give me hope that spring is coming no matter what weather we are experiencing at the time. Their leaves are long and slender with a fantastic white stripe going down the center. The blooms and leaves are so mismatched in shape and size but I think that is part of their beauty and charm. When you see them, let me know, I'll be waiting to hear from you...

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