Sunday, February 5, 2012

Can You See Me?

I wanted something to brighten my outlook today and picked this photo because it is just so cheerful in coloration. The title refers to the hummingbird moth in flight. Did you see it? They are one of my most favorites things to spot in the garden and I'm always tickled pink when I see several of them working the flowers. I think the phlox are their favorite though because I can almost always find one or two of them there. I stood quietly with my eyes closed one day to see if I could hear them. The faint hum can be heard and it is quite distinct once you are familiar with the sound. If you ever see something small darting across your flower tops, I can guarantee it is probably a hummingbird moth. The don't seem to mind having their pictures taken either, just remember to have it on a quick speed for the best shots. Happy Sunday!

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