Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Word - Remnant

The word for this week is remnant.

Its noun meaning: a small part or trace remaining; an unsold or unused end of fabrics that are sold by the yard.

This photo represents what remains of my pink hydrangea. It is actually the time I love it the most because of the natural color and all the imperfections that are not usually visible. The dried texture shows off all the veining with extra emphasis adding nice dark values around the flower center and among all the petals. With the violet blue of the sky in the background, it sure gives these dried flowers a bit of life don't you think? A walk in the garden today is full of excitement for me because of all the interesting seed pods, spent flower shapes and the hope of what next year will bring. Don't let it fool you, there is still a lot to look and see in the garden, you just have to look a little closer for all the remnants of the season past.

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