Thursday, September 22, 2011


Some Thesaurus words for "remnants" - balance, bit, dregs, dross, end, excess, fragment, heel, leavings, lees, orts, part, piece, remainder, residual, rest, rump, scrap, shred, surplus, survival, vestige.

The ultimate seed pod for me is the wonderfully complicated yet extremely organized yucca. Although it has its moments of beauty in the long pale silver sage leaves that end with a pointed spike. Or it's tall slender stalk of little plump white blossoms that hang down and move ever so graceful with the slightest breeze. Ending the season with my favorite shaped pods that stand straight up then pop open to show us the rows upon rows of seeds waiting for extraction. Oh yes, I cannot pass them by without sneaking a peek into their little orderly world. Each pod reveals six seed sections carefully encased with a textured form that just calls to me. Let's not even talk about the tiny black treasures inside all stacked up and ready to go into the atmosphere in a moments notice. Who knew they would give me such joy season after season? Thank you Mother Nature for making me take notice to your creation.

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