Friday, September 30, 2011

Autumn's Palette

Aren't the display of colors just spectacular on this virginia creeper? I loved how it shows the range of autumn's palette all within one plant specimen. No, I did not alter it in any way, this is just how it caught my eye and yes, you can blame the muse. She made me look, turn around, stop and take the picture all while in the car heading home. I turned it horizontally so you could appreciate the blending of the colors without the distraction of looking at the vine. Notice the vibrant green at the top blending into yellow green then a touch of yellow. That yellow turns to yellow orange, orange then into a red orange. I'm still waiting for the other leaves to catch up to this little marvel. Believe me, I already have my camera loaded and ready to shoot. Enjoy being a witness to the color change, it only happens a couple times a year!

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