Monday, August 29, 2011

Word - Chance

The word for this week is chance.

Its noun meaning: something that happens without apparent cause; the unpredictable element in existence; luck, fortune; opportunity; the likelihood of a particular outcome in an uncertain situation; probability; risk; a raffle ticket.

So, what does chance have to do with this photo? To me it looked as if this little butterfly was standing on a ledge deciding what to do next. Stay where it is, head to the greenery or into the darkness. Familiar or adventurous, which path would you take? I think it has a lot to do with everyday choices we make, don't you? Are you willing to take chances and head into the unexplored darkness? I'm always game to try new things. Yes, they may be scary but unless you give them a try you might not know what you are missing. Take the leap, who knows what possibilites may be on the other side.

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