Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lipstick Orchid

Some Thesaurus words for "curious" - bizarre, exotic, extraordinary, inquisitive, interested, mysterious, peculiar, puzzling, queer, strange, unconventional, unexpected, unique, unusual, weird, wonderful.

Welcome to my little curious world there are a lot of interesting and exciting words above. Now what to share with you, hummmm - exotic, yes I have it! I couldn't help take a photo of this little orchid, imagine the blooms the size of lipstick and you see just how extraordinary they really are. I can't remember anything else about them except the blooms were everywhere on the vining plant in various stages. I was lucky to get this great shot with the blurred background, it looks quite professional in my artistic opinion. Enjoy the bizarre, unique and mysterious things around you, it's what makes everyday living so interesting!

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