Monday, April 14, 2014

Nest Building

I love the Seasons and can't imagine my life without them because each one holds its own treasure to open up and unfold to us as spectators. It is who I am, the curious muse, looking for inspiration wherever Nature provides it. I wait all Winter hoping to see that little breast of tomato red outside my window. When the Robin first arrives, there is excitement in the air because that can only mean one thing. Spring is coming and soon Winter will be over, the end of one season and the birth of another. I am always on an adventure to find where they build their nest. Oh, they know me and let me take photos throughout the Spring without too much trouble. We have bonded over the years and they know I mean no harm, I am just a curious observer who interjects herself a few moments at a time. This is the first nest of the spring and I cannot wait to see it filled with many small speckled robins blue eggs that are always a delightful treasure to discover. I wonder what tomorrow's exploration will bring?

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  1. We have several bird houses that our grandson made. I love to see the birds building their nests and raising their young. The first flight is always a special time when we are privileged enough to bear witness. Every year a pair of Cardinals come to the tree outside the bedroom window. When I awake to the melody in the morning, I feel so blessed.