Monday, February 17, 2014

Word - Huddle

The word for this week is huddle.

Its verb meaning - to crowd together; confer.

Its noun meaning - a closely packed group; meeting, conference.

I choose this dragonfly image because I remember how windy it was the day this was taken, he was holding on for dear life, huddle with the fencing just hoping to stay put. I loved the light on the wings and the extreme side view of his almost transparent body.

So what does that have to do with me today? Well, we are getting more snow in the Midwest, in fact it is coming down so hard I can't even see the neighbors house across the street. It is just making me huddle together with the family safe and warm under a flannel quilt or two. I do love the winter, especially the white snow in the yard and gardens,  but this year has been extreme to say the least. I am ready for just a little bit of sunshine giving us a taste of warmth and it looks like I might just get that later this week. But today, I am like this little green darner, just hanging on, hoping tomorrow is a brighter, warmer day.

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