Monday, February 24, 2014

Word - Bravery

The word for this week is bravery.

Its noun meaning - courage.

I am usually a jump first, think about it later kind of person in my art career. I put my name on the waiting list for a booth before even designing one thing. I sent off a book submission with the first 3 things I had designed. I traveled across the US for years by myself exhibiting and teaching my art. I launched my first e-course before even knowing if I could videotape. Why would I put myself through this? Well, I had to. I needed that deadline to get me moving with motivation, purpose and an end goal in mind. I knew it would work, I would succeed, I just needed to set the wheels in motion and take action. This week I am being brave and asking teachers to join me for another online e-course. Is it scary? Sure. Will there be rejection? Sure. Will it happen? Of course. I am taking a leap of faith and reaching out to fellow designers some I know some I do not but I have already succeeded because I found the courage and asked.

I did this art to express who I am and the text reads...
on the edge, clinging, hanging on, can you feel it? life.
on the verge, tight grasp holding, is is real? life.
on the cusp, dangling, moving on, are you ready? life.

So, how will you show your bravery this week?

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