Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter Whites

Some Thesaurus words for "sanctuary" - asylum, conservation area, cover, defense, den, harbor, haven, hideaway, hole, oasis, port, protection, refuge, resort, retreat, screen, shelter, shield.

It is snowing here in the Midwest today, really snowing. I am grateful because it has been a mild winter so far but most of all, I truly love the snow! It just makes our property so darn beautiful that you really can't capture it on camera. There are layers upon layers of winter whites just clinging here and there in all the various foliage we have planted throughout the years. The birds are seeking refuge and we are making sure they have food available in the many feeders we have in the backyard. I am always amazed at how they cope with the extreme weather and just go on as if it is another day in the life. I guess that is what we all do, right, live day to day, moment to moment. I just hope you are treasuring those moments because that is what LIFE is all about!

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  1. Your photo is soooo pretty, Kelly! Its been snowing at a steady pace here all day today too -- its just beautiful. One of my favourite winter activities, when we'd had a particularly good snow fall like today's, was to bundle up and take a walk in the neighborhood, just before bed. It was so quiet, peaceful and magical. Oh! - how I miss that. :-)