Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow Cones Anyone?

Mother Nature extended our winter season just a bit with a nice heavy watery snow that stuck to absolutely everything yesterday. I loved the way it covered the trees on our road, almost like driving into a magical wintry wonderland. I couldn't help notice all the standing seed pods with their empty silhouettes piled high with bits of packed snow. When you looked around the garden, there was a snow cone in every size and shape imaginable which just made me giggle because of the silly shapes they made. When was the last time you observed your surroundings, I mean really saw what was around you? I hope it was today!


  1. I try to do that at least once in every day...it makes me feel "here" and connected to be able to say "look at that!"

  2. Oh how fun is that! They DO look like snowcones! lol We had snow too yesterday and so cold, but today its almost gone already and warming up. Its to be in the 50's early next week!! HURRAH!!