Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Bug?

Bee Mine, Valentine?

I used to love handing out and especially receiving valentine's in school. Those handwritten notes scribbled by children pledging their love, admiration and happiness just for knowing you. How I wish I would have saved them. Can you imagine a box of these little treasures to leaf through when you needed it? 

A couple years ago I bought a box of those childhood valentines and sent them to family and friends just to have a little fun. The joy it brought me with all their calls was just precious and so unexpected. So, this year when they are marked clearance, buy a bunch to send out whenever the mood strikes. Not everyone is in a relationship but we all like being told how special we are and that we were thought of today. Imagine your surprise if you received one! The little joys of everyday are what makes life special, don't you think? I sure hope so!

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