Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Word - Hide

The word for this week is hide.

Its verb meaning - to put or remain out of sight; to conceal for shelter or protection; to seek protection; to keep secret; to turn away in shame or anger.

Right in plain sight. You have to walk or drive past it to leave or enter the house. And, I never even saw it. This little tiny treasure the size of my hand. Hidden beneath the rich ruby leaves and sparkling red berries of the burning bush. Its enchanted discovery came only as the leaves started falling away due to the harvest season. There it was, a small work of art, just waiting to be seen by someone. I can't imagine the little hatchlings calmly awaiting their next meal or what variety of bird found just the right hiding place. Oh yes, next year I will be keeping a closer eye on this beautiful bush to see just who the inhabitants are. I will keep you posted.

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