Friday, November 9, 2012

Travel Weary

This year has been a whirlwind of conventions, retreats and travel teaching across the United States and I am weary. I am so thankful for the many, many, many students and their willingness to go on a creative journey while we explored colored pencils and mixed media. I love to challenge myself and am finding so many artists that share that same passion, it is what makes us grow as artists and not become stagnant. I am embarking on almost four months of freedom to play, explore and discover new techniques that will keep pushing my artistic envelope - I cannot wait to get started!

I have many exciting things planned for 2013 already, the most intriguing for me are the online e-courses. I will be joining Life Book as a guest teacher in January 2013, doing my own Steampunk Series at the end of January and I'm also wanting to do a 6 month Discover Your Style & Creativity e-course following that. Continuous learning and the ease of being at home is an added bonus I know I have taken advantage of with many classes throughout the past year. I do hope you will give one a try.

Where to find one you ask? Well, a great resource for finding just what you are looking for online is Creative Clearinghouse. It is a directory of what is coming up and you can search by mediums, teachers or date and there are reviews in case you want to know more. You can't beat a giant source like this at your fingertips! Have I convinced you yet to give one a try, I sure hope so :)

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