Monday, May 14, 2012

Word - Delicate

The word for this week is delicate.

Its adjective meaning - pleasing to the senses of taste or smell; marked by daintiness or charm; exquisite; fastidious, scrupulous; easily damaged, fragile.

I couldn't think of anything more delicate than the iris' thin almost translucent petals. The sunlight shows them off so beautifully here making them glow in its brilliance. Soft and subtle in coloring, this has to be one of my favorites in the yard. Old fashioned, exquisite and a wonderful sight for an artist looking for a creative inspiration today. I wonder what the muse will have up her sleeves tomorrow, I know it will be just as glorious, how can it not be? A garden of treasures await my senses everyday. I only need to grab my camera and take a walk, I'm sure to be enchanted by its beauty!

1 comment:

  1. My favorite flower. And this is a beautiful shot. :)