Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Center

Some Thesaurus words for "delicate" - aerial, breakable, choice, delectable, delightful, elegant, ethereal, faint, filmy, finespun, fragile, frail, graceful, mild, pale, pastel, rare, slight, soft, subdued, subtle, superior, tender.

I love so many of these words, every one of them just sends my artistic side into a dream like state thinking of an image for each delicate standby. I picked this clematis center so you could really look at its graceful center full of elegance and tender stamen. It's almost like it is protecting a secret held deep inside its magical center just waiting to be discovered. Would you have taken the time to look? Would it have made you stop to take a photo? I sure hope so. It's wonderous every day things like this that just make me take notice and want to explore them a bit further. I hope you stop and study the next flower you see, who knows what hidden discoveries you might uncover.

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