Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Croquet Anyone?

Some Thesaurus words for "antique" - aged, ancient, antiquity, archaic, bygone, classic, elderly, heirloom, objet d'art, obsolete, olden, out-dated, rarity, relic, vestige, vintage.

To have lived in a time where croquet was played in the yard regularly would have been so fun. Don't get me wrong, I played plenty of games as a kid - kick the can, jump rope, hide and seek, not to mention the various board games - but the prestige this game represents is just magical. Right after taking this photo at Old Green Shutters I happen by a mom and her son playing croquet on their lawn. It almost made me wreck the car from the irony of it all but the smile that came across my face knew memories were being made to last a lifetime. Maybe I should go buy that vintage set before another lucky family gets to savor the amusement over hours of entertainment with family and friends.

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