Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crimson Pod

These exotic crimson colored pods are from the hyacinth bean plant, aren't they gloriously rich? This is what first drew my eye to this vine, the multi colored flowers and the interesting leaves only captivated my attention long enough to know that I needed to bring my camera back and take a lot of photos. The pods dry up and shrivel to a nondescript tan color but I love them just the same because I know their past. I will share the leaves tomorrow because I know you will appreciate them as much as I do and believe me, they will pique your interest, that I promise!


  1. So funny - I just visited your blog and today's post was not up yet. Went to FB and saw you had just posted, so now I am back. I had to see the pods on this plant, and you are right, they are magnificent. I love the color. Great camera angle, too!

  2. I've really been enjoying seeing all of these wonderful photos of stunning plants, pods, leaves, flowers, so much inspiration all around us. An amazing colour, I've only ever seen these in the dry pod form. Thankyou (o: Liza xxx