Monday, July 11, 2011

Word - Circle

The word for this week is circle.

Its noun meaning: a closed curve every point of which is equally distant from a fixed point within it; something circular; an area of action or influence; cycle; a group bound by a common tie.

We are working on the element of Earth this week and all I have starting seeing was circular shapes in everything and everywhere. This is a solar light from my mom's garden and I loved two things about it. One, it has a copper butterfly over it giving it another dimension to marvel at. Two, the little sparkles that glow are just so extraordinary in texture, especially with the shadow of the butterfly hitting it just right. I wish I was there to see it glow in the moonlight. Who thinks of these things? A brilliant artist, it just has to be. To put beauty and energy into something so small and unique, oh yeah, the muse was there when this was created!

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